Clean India

Ever since Mr. Narendra Modi has taken over the reigns of this nation, he has truly exemplified his theories and ideals into workable and feasible acts. Right from his ‘less government, more governance’ concept, the ‘make in India’ theory and his most recent ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, the man has induced a sense of pride among citizens with the motive of making simple believes a reality.
Over the many years that tourists and outsiders have visited India, they have never been apologetic in describing this country generally as a very filthy and polluted one. With more than excessive population, it has always been very difficult to ensure discipline, cleanliness and hygiene in public places.
Current Problem: Most of the road cleaning activities that are carried out today happen during the early morning and day time. As a result, excessive nuisance and traffic problems add to the fury and discomfort of an already busy and rushed up common man. Allthemore it takes more time to clean also in that hustle and bustle.
Possible Solution: If this routine activity is shifted to late nights when the roads are deserted, it can be completed and done in a more effective manner and lesser time.
Current Problem: India being a country where common man has the craze for movies and cricket, all of us follow and imitate anything and everything that our favorite idols do. Taking complete advantage of this fact,  a few noteworthy role models from different walks of life like Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Bhaichung Bhutia were  seeked for support in the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’. But the same spot is seen dirty next morning and the purpose is not served.
Possible Solution: With the cleaning of a particular area or spot, celebrities should take the responsibility to install some dustbins proposed by government in that area and encourage the locals to use it regularly. It is high time we get our hands in the dirt and clean up the mess.
Current Problem: Many of us think why should I throw trash in the dustbin which is 20 steps away and without any worries it rests on the ground nearby. People also think that out of the whole population if I don’t follow, it won’t matter to the country so they keep on littering the areas. There is also a section of public which expect something in return to keep their own area clean.
Possible Solution: Make trash bins work like vending machines which give some points depending on the weight of thrash by entering aadhar card number every time you bring to dispose. Those points can be redeemed by brands, malls, ecommerce websites, recharge portals, etc in the form of discounts. Such trash bins can also be maintained by local shops in return of some commission like PCO.
There are quite a few other interesting approaches that the government can consider instead of imposing strict laws and regulations on the cleanliness drive. We can all proudly and consciously try and make a difference in improving the way this country is looked at.
Methods Used in other countries:
Many countries in the Middle East, Philippines have started rewarding people in exchange for taking initiative towards cleaning public places. For example, their trash bins work like vending machines which give you a free can of Coca Cola for every five empty cans that you bring to dispose. Authorities in countries like the UAE and Oman also encourage residents to keep public places clean by bringing in glass, paper and plastic waste separately.
Paper waste is collected in separate bins and later recycled. Plastic and glass waste is collected by weight at collection centers. People are then paid money against every kilogram of trash they bring.
Such organized arrangements not only urge to keep the environments clean but also makes sure that more and more people get drawn towards the concept of a cleaner environment. Moreover the safe and effective disposal and recycling of waste leads to lesser health-related side effects to humans and an overall longevity. Such simple yet practical arrangements can definitely be made in a country like ours. Even a small change or an idea can percolate to the lowest society levels in this manner and change will eventually happen. Be positive! Jai Hind! 
Till the next time,
love, hugs, kisses!

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