Get in shape Mr.Techie

Working long hours at desk has its own risks. Stress, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fatigue, Less of Flexibility are some of the issues that are effects of long working hours. A simple store manager working in a factory who used manual book keeping, suddenly finds himself/herself preparing an excel sheet while just sitting in front of a screen and clicking the mouse buttons. Physical efforts required for daily jobs are now plummeting . Man in general has become very lazy and sluggish as a side effect of technological and internet revolutions.

Technology has made our lives very easy and predictable. Having a phone, laptop or a tablet with us really eases out most of our daily work. The credit for such amazing and life changing revelations in the technological advances certainly goes to Computer programming specialists or techies as we call them. These are the people who are constantly on the hunt for improved ideas, concepts and ways to make our simple tasks easier. With the recent release of the Apple Watch, they have time and again proven to us that with technology, no idea is too far away from becoming a reality.

Our lives were much more satisfying when: When window was just a square hole in a room & application was something written on a paper. When keyboard was a piano and mouse just an animal. When file was an important office material and hard drive was just an uncomfortable road trip. When cut was done with knife and paste with glue. When web was spider’s home and virus was flu. When apple and blackberry were just fruits. During these times us as mankind took more care and valued relationships definitely more than today.

Despite us “knowing” what is good and bad for us, due to various conditions we don’t get into regime of exercising and relaxation which is important part of staying productive. Small changes in our daily habits can reap huge health benefits: Walking 45 minutes every day, replacing intake of caffeine with water, substituting fresh ingredients for fast food and taking frequent breaks are some of these small stepping stones for better health.
Techies are supremely intelligent people whose minds work continuously as they ponder over new ideas and concepts to work on. Usually they are known to be most productive and activity in the wee hours of the night when they are confined to their desk and in front of a computer screen. Quite naturally, spending many hours in a secluded environment finds very little scope of work which involves movement of physical activity. They find themselves surrounded with complex coding material, programming sheets and fast food. The end result of following this kind of a lifestyle is obesity and lethargy.

What is important for us here is to think how far we are willing to go in this race. After all, the line of sensibility needs to be drawn somewhere very wisely. One should not need to compromise personal health and fitness to be able to advance technologically. Has our dependency on the virtual world reached that level?! Is it worth all the side effects?! It is high time, that we give it a serious thought!

Here are 4 Health Care related apps that can empower you to take wiser decisions
Argus: This app basically counts your daily steps and keeps motivating you to walk more. You can set goals for yourself as to how many steps you want to walk.

PumpUp: This app is highly customizable. You can select the type of workout you want, the time duration, the targeted area and much more. The home page also has an instagram kind of feeling which will give you popular updates too.

Water your body: This app reminds you to drink water at regular interval of time. The appropriate amount of water intake is decided as per your body weight.

Headspace: This app takes you through 10 minutes of guided meditation and it should ideally be done 10 days in a row. All you need is a peaceful spot and 10 minutes.


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