Help the needy

It is a usual night in a flat in Powai where 2 girls away from their hometown are talking while eating the Kadhi-rice. My roommate works for Cognizant which is on the fourth floor of the same building where I work. Dinner time is usually the time where we discuss about what future holds for us. My roommate Shivani is basically someone who wants to mould her future with her own hardwork. She works for IT and has her heart in helping the poor study. She even visits NGO’s and government schools on weekends where she can make a difference in her own way by teaching English & Maths. She is basically someone who wants to make world a better place to live in. We got talking today about how each person can learn from the other. How it is not necessary that elders can teach the young and it can be the other way round too. One such topic lead to a debate where why elders tend to / prefer to lie in front of others when certain facts are put forth.

Again, let me give you an example. Shivani’s sister studies in Btech and wanted to join an NGO where she would collect the leftover food from restaurants to give it to the hungry. This NGO made sure that food did not end up in bins and instead hungry people could be fed. When she went to take her parent’s permission there was a straight ‘NO’ given to her. Why you ask – “log kya kahenge?” (What will people say?). Yes, her mother was skeptical that people would talk behind their backs or on their faces that their daughter is roaming around in the whole city. A good step was given an end right then and there because of what society would think!
My point here – what if the parents themselves told the society ‘Hey my daughter works for an NGO, you should send your son too. It’s a good deed and we need more people like them to live in a better society”. If elders themselves believed in the good deeds , they could stand up for their young-ones. Only you can turn your weakness into your strength & in turn not allow anyone to gossip about it.

When we were younger we were taught in moral science period that we should help the poor and needy. When we are old enough to practice that actually, why are we denied such deeds because of society? Also, when such good deeds are denied, their is no hope of such things being practiced later in life. Because a behaviour that is appreciated is the behaviour which gets repeated.

Do allow people around you to involve themselves in good deeds and helping the needy. They are making a small change in the society you live in. Don’t gossip about them, be a part of that journey.

In the above case, Shivani made her parents understand that society is a judge which keeps on changing its verdict every 2 days for situations around them, for people around them and for places around them. Shivani’s younger sister now works for that NGO during her free time. Her parents did accept that sometimes you can learn from the younger generation too.

I will leave you today with one thing to be done – Help someone today. Anyone who is in need. Anyone who requires your help.






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  1. Divya Bodkhe says:

    Hey nilu,
    We haven’t ever talk to each other, though we both work for same company TD.
    I appreciate ur frnd n really felt so good thinking that in todays date such kind of ppl exist to spread the love n care for needy ppl around.
    I would really like to know the NGO organization in which ur frnd visits n spread the kindness n will be really happy if I can join that organization.
    Eagerly waiting for ur reply

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    1. Nilu Desai says:

      Hi Divya.. My roommate teaches in government school near powai police station. Thanks for the kind words 😇


    2. rushabhvora says:

      Hi, you might want to check this #MealsOnWheels story:


  2. rushabhvora says:

    Wow! 🙂 Happy vibes to end with; glad she could convince them!
    #RandomActOfKindnes #OneSmallStepAtATime


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