Good luck Bhavya!

Hi Bhavya,

There could be a 1000 different gifts lying in Archies and other gift stores, but the best gift I can give you is the gift of words. So this is my first ever letter to you on the last day at your first job. I have lived away from home for 8 years now and maybe that’s why I can share a few pointers which will help you in your days in New York.

Firstly, you are going to a beautiful, fast paced city. World’s best city to be lived in which comes with its own dramas. Don’t get influenced by anyone. By anyone I mean not even the friends you make there and get close to. Trust your instincts, follow your heart, and take advice only from family. Your mother has been a great pillar of strength in your family, take her guidance. If the woman knows how to maintain relations that are not blood related, she sure does have a lot of things to learn from. Trust your mom and her advice above all.

Second, do not fall for the culture that will fascinate you over there. And by that I do not mean that you shouldn’t see the city or experience the culture or deny hikes, but restrict your boundaries. Remember your roots and values. You know best where to draw lines.

Third, learn to say NO. Say NO to unnecessary relations, unnecessary emotions, unnecessary friendships, unnecessary drama. Studies have to be your first and only priority. There is no need to fall for any activity which is due to peer pressure. Be straightforward. If you feel the need to say YES just to get approval from others, get rid of that situation.

Fourth, Communicate. No matter how tired you are, make calls at home. Family has to be acknowledged about your day and how you feel. Don’t let distance creep in your relations. It’s okay if you loose certain friends but don’t loose family especially when you are gifted with such supporting and caring parents. Even when you have 5 minutes in the bus when you travel to college, call your mom. She deserves to know that you miss her. Text them all your adventures if you don’t have time to call, but do not stop communication.

Fifth, save money. Being a gujarati this is a waste advice that I am going to give you because this is inherited in your blood, but just to remind you – your savings are going to help you in situations you least expected to arrive. Save atleast 30% of what you earn. Live in the present, spend on food and other day to day necessities but do not buy unnecessary material things which will not be used by you in next 4 years. That will be a waste investment.

Lastly, keep in touch. I do not expect a daily or weekly call. But the times when you need someone to hear you out, remember I am a call/ping away. It will be okay if you do not share or include me in your happiness but do share your sorrows. I will help you divide them 🙂

Love you loads. I hope you build a great future for yourself sweets.

– Nilu.



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